Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours but #itswhatsinside that makes you truly beautiful. 

At Missy May Bags, we believe that it’s what’s inside that is the foundation of true beauty and our bags are constructed around this exact vision.

We create wearable works of art with fun, beautiful liners to remind you all that beauty starts on the inside.

The most beautiful smiles are full of confidence, kindness and love.  It’s not about having perfectly straight pearly whites to make a great smile.  It is genuine happiness and joy. 

Our mission is to create products that are a daily reminder that #itswhatsinside that makes you beautiful, #itswhatsinside that makes you strong, #itswhatsinside that makes you powerful and #itswhatsinside that makes you your own #girlboss.

Nothing excites us more than seeing empowering, confident individuals.  So go on, post that selfie! Tag @missymaybags on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #itswhatsinside and tell us what makes you feel beautiful. We will feature our favorite entries on our social media feed!

Our vision is for all women to have limitless capabilities in a world of no boundaries.  Let’s break the boundaries together!

-Team MMB